Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beauty Tips

Here's a few beauty tips that I have picked up along the way:
*Always use moisturizer, even if you have oily skin.
*Wear sunglasses, the sun destroys collagen & causes eyes to droop.
*Wear sunscreen from head to toe, here's an example you may not have thought of..if you are have your nails done & put your hand in the UV dryer, you are damaging your skin on the back of your hands, just like you were outside in the sun.
*Over time our eyelids can look sunken, use a pale light reflecting shade over the entire eyelid to lessen the effect.
*Have your eyebrows professional shaped, this effect is equal to having a great haircut, it can make all the difference!
*Get a magnifying mirror, you may be surprised at what you can see now!
*To make scents last, first put on lotion then spritz on your favorite perfume.

My Passion is to help you look & feel your best!!
Lisa Johnstone
Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Ageless Beauty

Dana Southerland from Polished Threads also gave us some tips for FASHION!!!
She said that chunky jewelry in in style, & gold is making a come back but you can mix silver & gold together.
The hottest colors are corals, oranges & greens. Safari animal prints, big flowers & feathers are hot!  This has no age limit!!! 
Summer scarfs should be light weight with lots of color.  Tassel jewelry too. 
Staying in fashion you don't have to change your wardrobe, you can change your shoes & accessories & it changes the look of the whole outfit!
Personal I was a little afraid of them! Until I found out the wider the stripe (about 3") makes you look smaller!  The smaller the stripe the bigger you look. Also you will want to make sure all the stripes line up in the right areas!
Everything has lace, but with a modern feel.

Everybody has their own individual style, but you can mix & be on trend!

Polished Threads

Thank you,
Lisa Johnstone

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ageless Style

Here's a few things that I learned at an event called Ageless Style...Look Great at Any Age!

It is hard for many women to let their inner beauty show if they don't feel confident about their outer beauty. So outer beauty does have value; it is not completely shallow. Giving yourself that feeling of confidence is worth spending the effort & money on your appearance!

Eye Care~
The skin around the eyes has fewer sebaceous glands & less collagen & elastin than skin elsewhere on the face.  As we age, the fat pad beneath the dermis diminishes, causing the skin to appear even thinner & the hollowed-out appearance under the eyes.  Using a great oil free eye makeup remover is the start, so you are not pulling on your skin or lashes to remover your eye makeup. Then you will want to use a rich eye moisturizer!! I of course recommend the Mary Kay oil free eye makeup remover & MK firming eye cream!!

Eye Color Application~
Your brushes do make a difference. Using the right tools does makes it a lot easier.
Natural hair bristles-to apply dry powder products
Synthetic hair bristles-to apply liquid or creme products
Mary Kay's brush set is only $48 + tax for 5 professional brushes!

When choosing eyeshadow you need to consider two things: The texture & the finish.
Texture-Powder, Creme, Pencil, Liquid
Finish-Matte, Shimmer & Frosted
Choosing the right shade & texture can bring attention to your eyes & wake up your face, making you look younger. If used correctly, it can reshape your lids & make them look their most beautiful!

This helps define your eyes. As we age we need to soften with color choices.  Some women think they have to stop wearing eyeliner as they age, but that's not true, just soften!

Curl, the fastest face lift!!
Replace your eyelash curler every year & the the rubber pads every 3 months.
or use a heated one.

Get a new tube every 3 months! (MK has a new mascara coming out next month)
Thicker-use horizontal position to apply
Longer-use vertical position to apply
Apply thin coats

Tweeze side to side to keep them even
Cold wax or threading (no hot wax)
When adding color either use the same shade or one shade lighter

I hope that you learned something new! Contact me to schedule your appointment to look your best!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Clothes

Just other day I got to help some ladies shop for new clothes, since they had lost so much weight their previous clothes would not fit them. It was fun to help them, but I realized that no matter how much you lose you still have a larger body image in your mind! Also reminded them they needed new undergarments, yes you are worth the investment! I I told them to go get measured almost every department store can measure you & there are also speciality stores too!  Of course we did a makeover too (yes Mary Kay makeup), with for their New Outfits!!!So call me if you need help in looking your best...possibly a makeover from Head to Toe!!!!
Lisa Johnstone
Mary Kay Independent Consultant

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mascara Facts

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different brushes for mascara? The brush can make the difference! A curved brush will help keep lashes curved, but a straight brush helps to thicken. Also, I love a heated eyelash curler too. To use a heated eyelash first apply the mascara, run the curler through your lashes then apply another coat of mascara. Personally I use a lash building mascara (Mary Kay Ultimate) then use waterproof (MK of course). Colored mascara in my opinion should not be worn by anyone over 25. If you mascara starts to flake it needs to be replaced & it always should be replaced every 3 months. I hope that this bit of info helps you look even more beautiful!
Lisa Johnstone

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Does your lipstick change colors during the day after you wear it for a while?

If your skin's PH is highly alkaline, the alkalinity in your skin can react with the lipstick pigment & can cause  it to shift to a pink or orange color. There is no way to stop this from happening, BUT you can prevent a strong shift, just use an opposite color to minimize the color shift. For example, if you skin changes the lipstick to pink then you will want to use a shade that has a lot of warmth (orange/brown) in it, rather than becoming super pink it will become a more neutral color. If you shift everything orange, if you use a shade with a lot of pink in it, you shift it more neutral & less orange.  If you start with the complete opposite, it will not be able to shift all the way to the shade that you are trying to prevent. You can use lip liner or lipstick to prevent the color shift, or a layer the two. Shop online for all the MK colors.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Holiday Open House

Can you believe we only have 9 weeks until Christmas? I am wrapping some great gifts for you to give, in all price ranges. Oh and just so you know I got the cutest coffee mugs yesterday!!!  So make your list & check it twice, then come to my Holiday Open Hose November 12th, 10-7 & 13th, 10-2, it is a drop in event but would love to know when we think that you might be able to come & I will have some yummy goodies too. Those of you that need a fresh new Holiday look, feel free to contact me to schedule a makeover!
See you soon,